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Welcome to inventors & inventors! A Place where Idea's turns into royalties! If your tired of seeing your product or invention sitting on your office or living room shelf, and are eager to get your product out to market to make substantial profits. Then Partner with us today, and we can license your product to companies that needs a new product line for their business. All it takes is 4 Easy Steps, in-order to take your idea from prototyping to royalties checks. We do not accept and fees until we land you a licensing deal! Submit Your Invention Today!

With new technology inventions we also provide industrial design, manufacturing products, patent licensing and product licensing.

if your are not quite ready to start licensing a product, contact us today and we can review your invention idea submission as well and provide you with resources that can help you with new product development process.

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The most important part of successfully getting your invention idea to market is to establish an experienced team with an array of critical skill sets. We know how to sell an idea to rhe right buyer. Along with our knowledge in product design, invention development, marketing, licensing, and manufacturing inventions. The team here at Invention & Inventors can license a product that has been re-invented to latest technology inventions.

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